Tiled and colourful Lisbon

Ceramic wall tiles in different colours and patterns or Azulejos, in Portuguese, are a big tradition in Portugal that was introduced during Moorish times and is still decorating numerous buildings in Lisbon. Azulejo derives from the Arabic word az-zulayj , meaning polished stone. The dominant colours are blue, yellow, green and white and the patterns are usual geometrical but they can also portray scenes from the Portuguese history. In some cases the broken or missing tiles are too old to be found and would be replaced by tiles of different colour or pattern making the art of tile more interesting.If you would like to see the biggest collection and some of the oldest tiles pay a visit to the Azulejos Museum.

I have to admit the tiled building façades was one the reasons I loved this city so much as a little surprise is hidden for the visitor in every single neighbourhood. The neighbourhoods where you can find this art are Baixa, Chiado, Bairro Alto and of course Alfama. There are also many tiled buildings in the suburb of Belem.






Another reason this city can never be boring to visit is its colourful buildings. All the districts are full of colour and joy making you fall in love with this beautiful architecture and never lose your interest in exploring more districts.


Which is your favourite tiled attraction in Lisbon?  Have you visited another Portuguese city decorated with tile art?

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