Once upon a time in Toledo

Toledo is the capital of Castilla-La Mancha province in Spain and UNESCO heritage site. The city is built on a top of a hill and fortified, also known as the City of the three cultures as Christians, Muslims and Jews were co-existing there for a long time making this city more unique and interesting. It will win your heart from the first glimpse you take at the hill before even entering its walls. The entrance of Puerta de Bisagra is preparing you for the medieval old city experience.


Puerta de Bisagra

Right after you need to enter a second gate, Puerta del Sol and there you are, living your own fairytale!


Puerta del Sol

At this point you have two options, taking a stroll in the narrow, cobblestone streets, getting lost again and again, taking a break and maybe eating some churros in Plaza Zocodover and back to the winding streets (you will never get enough of it) or visiting some of the historical sites that this city has to offer.


Street in Toledo with a view to the Cathedral

One of the museums worth a visit is the Army Museum situated in the huge Alcazar Fortress which is overlooking the Tajo river. Make sure you will have at least 2 hours to visit this museum where great collections of armors, swords, miniatures and so much more related to war objects are exhibited.




Armors in the Army Museum

All the way down from the museum you will find the Alcantara bridge, you can already imagine Don Quixote crossing it on his horse.


Alcantara bridge

Back in the old town you will easily spot the Gothic Cathedral of St. Mairy, built in the 13th century and covering the space where the former city mosque was. Another well known church is the one of San Idelfonso.


Saint Mary Cathedral


Cobblestone alley

For art lovers El Greco Museum is a must. The famous painter spend the last years of his life in Toledo.In the same part of the city, the Jewish quarter you can’t miss the most beautiful building in this city, the Monastery of San Juan de los Reyes and the lovely garden in its cloister.


Monastery of San juan de los Reyes Yard


Monastery of San juan de los Reyes


Monastery of San Juan de los Reyes


Narrow street in Toledo


Local products


Toledo inside the walls

If you are a middle age lover you can buy an excellent quality sword or even an armor in Toledo.

If you have a sweet tooth you should absolutely try mazapan, sweets made of almond and sugar, preferably from Santo Tome confectionery in Zocodover square and churros with chocolate. There are numerous tapas bars all around the city were you can also enjoy great red wine from La Mancha region.

A low budget accommodation recommendation is Oasis Backpackers Hostel where you can book beds in dorms but also private rooms for very good prices. The rooms are very clean and the staff friendly and helpful. The great breakfast I had at the hostel restaurant is a huge plus.

Words and photos are not enough to describe the feeling while wandering around this impressive city this is why in my opinion this is the first one you should pay a visit to if you have never been to Spain.

Just 30 minutes from Madrid by the train or 1 hour by bus could even be a great one day trip but as you will want more of this for sure my suggestion is to stay there for at least 2 days. So why not go and see for yourself? I can guarantee you will not regret it!

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