Dwarf safari in colourful Wroclaw

Wroclaw or Breslau in German, is the fourth biggest city in Poland, located in west Poland, close to the German and Czech boarders. The city suffered severe destruction during the Second World War, in 1945 but was successfully rebuilt. 

Even though Wroclaw is not as well known as Warsow and Krakow its Market Square, Rynek is one of the most beautiful, large and colourful in Europe and for sure its picturesque buildings cannot leave anyone indifferent. Except from the cute colourful town houses in the Market Square you can also see the gothic, Old town hall, one of the most famous landmarks of Wroclaw. The Market Square is also full of cosy caffes and restaurants for any taste.

Old Town Hall


Market Square (Rynek)

A caffee I would recommend in Rynek is Amorinio as it had a pleasant ambience and delicious sweets. My restaurant suggestion is Kurna Chata which is not in the Market Square but just 2 minutes walk from there. In this restaurant you will enjoy traditional polish cuisine, my favourite were soups served in bread and delicious pierogis (traditional filled dumplings).




Market Square (Rynek)



Right next to the huge Market Square, there is another smaller square, Solny, colourful as well, where the flower market is located. St. Elizabeth’s church is also around the corner.


Solny Square


Solny Square and the flower market

If you have an observant eye you are likely to notice tiny dwarfs (krasnale in Polish) all around the city. Those tiny figures first appeared in Wroclaw in 2005 and by now there are more than 350 on its streets. Dwarf hunting is very popular for tourists visiting Wroclaw and there is even a smartphone app helping you to find them all! 


Wroclaw’s dwarfs (krasnale)

Ostrow Tumski or the Cathedral Island in Oder river is the oldest part of the city. You can get there after a short walk from the Market Square. The main attractions on the island is the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist,famous for its stained glass windows and the bridge connecting it to Piasek island that is covered by love locks.


View of the Cathedral from Piasek island in Oder river

The Oder river islands area is a quiet part of the city but really worth a walk, who knows, you may even discover some gnomes around.


view of the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist

If you happen to be in the Ostrow Tumski area in the evening and with some luck you may see the lamplighter in his cape and top hat lighting the gas lamps in the area.


Tumski Bridge


Cathedral of St. John the Baptist


The Monument of An Anonymous Passerby

If you are plammimg a trip to Wroclaw the most convenient area for accommodation is the Old Town (Stare Miasto) as you will be in walking distance from all the main sightseeings. You can get to Wroclaw by plane (Ryanair and Wizzair operate in Wroclaw airport), train or bus. I tried a polish company, Polski Bus and it was a pretty good and super cheap option.

It is the perfect destination for a 2-3 day trip if you happen to be in Krakow, Warsow, Poznan, Berlin, Dresden or Prague and you will not regret visiting this pretty polish city!



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