Moin Hamburg!

Moin is the magic word for Hamburg. You can use it to say hello, you can use it to say goodbye or to say good morning, generally 24 hours a day and it means beautiful. Moin Hamburg! Hamburg is a beautiful big city in northern Germany and there are many aspects that play a role in this beauty. The picturesque, old, red brick buildings in the Speicherstadt area, the modern architecture, the Elbphilarmonie, the port which is the second busiest in Europe and the Hafencity area, the Alster lakes, the Elbe river canals. Another interesting part of the city is the nightlife and especially the Reeperbahn, the most sinful mile as it is described because of the numerous strip-clubs and sex shops on this street in St. Pauli area.



A very interesting building is the Chile House, famous for its top which looks like a ship’s prow.


Speicherstadt (City of Warehouses)

The City of Warehouses, the largest warehouse district in the world, is really worth a visit as you won’t only have the chance to take a walk by the canals but also visit one of the several museums like Miniatur Wunderland or Hamburg Dungeon and slowly approach the Elbphilarmonie and the port.



The Elbphilarmonie is a stunning building, will be used as a concert hall and its construction was ended in October 2016, the cost and the duration of the construction are beyond imagination.


Hafencity (Port of Hamburg)

A stroll across the Port of Hamburg is a must, you can try local delicacies such as fish sandwiches  (with raw fish or shrimps) in the cantines at the port or in any fish restaurant in the Fish Market district.


view from A&O Hamburg City Hotel

There is a huge variety from hotels, hostels or house rentals but I strongly recommend view A&O Hamburg City as a value for money accommodation.


Inner Alster lake

The Jungfernstieg and Alster lakes area or downtown is full of shops, malls, caffees and restaurants, the City Hall is also here. You can either walk by the Inner Alster lake and under the Kennedy bridge to get to see the Outer Alster lake or take a boat cruise and enjoy the landscape together with geese and gulls.








Hamburg Rathaus (city hall) and the Christmas market


The dancing towers

The dancing towers are two skyscrapers on Reeperbahn street, in the red-light district of Hamburg and symbolize a couple dancing tango.


The dancing towers


Beatles Square

Spending a day or two is enough time to get to see the most important parts of this city, the transportation is great and there are also City Tour Buses or if you prefer why not take a cruise ship with a short stop to Hamburg in order to explore this fascinating city? It is your choice.

Moin for now!

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